5001_9 Courtesy of Gareth Jordan
5001_7 Accompanied by Sea King and Nimrod
5001_1 Built by FAIRMILE CONSTRUCTION LTD, Berwick-on-Tweed - Completed April 1970 - On closure of the RAF Marine Branch on 31st March 1986, transferred to the civilian management company, James Fisher and Son, but remained under RAF control as AFVs (Air Force Vessels) - In 1991 the control of the vessels passed to the Directorate of Marine Services (Navy). Subsequently repainted in RAF colours but without the roundel in 2000 and operated from Invergordon, under the management of V.T. (Vosper Thorneycroft) Marine services - Sold when Smit Towing took over contract in 2003 - After a lengthy lay-up at Southampton, delivered to Nigeria at the end of 2006 by the Dutch delivery company Redwise
5001_6 In RMAS colours. (Courtesy of Dave Ashbee)